GoGrip Original Glasses Cord – Hot Pink


The Original GoGrip glasses cord, safe and secure wear, suitable for spectacle sides up to 6mm wide. Alternative to traditional spectacle straps, chains and lanyards. GoGrips perform better around your neck. Trusted and purchased by thousands of customers in the UK and beyond!

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  • Superior grip glasses cord, more durable and improved glasses grip over traditional spectacle chains, cords and lanyards
  • Keep your glasses safe with the unique GoGrip fastener, proven and tested design of eyeglass holder
  • Simply press spectacle arms through the specially engineered slot for safe and secure wear
  • Generous 66cm (26″) length cord
  • For extended life, point of rest should be narrowest

Additional information

Weight 12.5 g
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 0.6 cm